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Alpha Gymnastics

Alpha Gymnastics
Competitive Team 2012-2013

Welcome to Alpha Gymnastics, the first private gymnastics club in Northeast Pa, formerly Astronauts. We are thrilled to have you be a part of our competitive team. If you are already training on our Rec competitive team, that means that you have already been working very hard and may have been invited or be interested in our USA team program. Our gymnastics team program is 8 years strong and Debbie is one of the founders of the Recreational League in which we participate in with gyms from Harrisburg, Hershey & Scranton areas.

As with any activity, there are obligations and fees that are required at the competitive level of gymnastics. The fees will be broken down for you on the following pages. By providing you with this information, we hope to give you the best approximation for those fees so there will not be any surprises and you will know what is involved with our competitive team program. As stated it is only an approximation. Additional competitions such as sectionals and states may become available if your gymnast qualifies with the required scores.

We take great PRIDE in our “family” atmosphere and will provide your child with a positive and hard-working environment. Because this environment and your child’s safety are so important, we ask parents if you need to speak with us, to do so before of after practice. We have an open door policy for all questions and concerns for both parents and gymnasts. We want to focus our attention on your child while practicing.

Alpha Team Coaches

USA Team

Required hours range from 6 - 18 hours weekly. USA team hourly expectations are necessary because of the level of competition your child will be facing.

(fees are based on a monthly tuition rate!)
For level 4, 5 and 6 -
6 hours = $150 per month
9 hours = $175 per month
For level 6 and up
12 hours = $200
15 hours = $200

USA membership: $75 due by July 1st

Leotards will be approximately $150 due August 1st Warm-ups will be approximately $ 100 due September1st
(we will provide you with exact amounts with shipping as soon as we know!)

Active participation in monthly fundraising will help elevate team coaches expenses. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to be in charge of at least one through out the year, but are expected to participate in all.

Additional Costs:
Due to meet times some meets may require an overnight stay at your own expense.

USA Team Meet Schedule:
Tentative Team Scedule
Gymnasts are required to attend all meets.

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REC Team
Alpha’s Rec team gymnasts are required to practice between 2 - 6 hours per week. Our Rec team program provides a place for gymnasts that are beginning their competitive career. The Rec team is a wonderful place to further one’s skill level for competing while still having the freedom to participate in other sports and activities.

(all fees are based on a monthly tuition)
2 hours = $90
3 hours = $115
4 hours = $125
6 hours = $150
** these fees are based per gymnast, if you have more than one child on the team. . . A family discount will apply.

Leotard will be approximately $40 due October 1st Jacket will be approximately $60 due November 1st Black plain sweat/yoga pants you will need to purchase on your own before January.

Meet fees:
Competition fees will are approximately $60 -$75 per meet and are due the first of each month!
Gymnasts are required to attend all meets.

Rec Team Meet Schedule:
Tentative Team Scedule